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Songba Music or Songba Production Music

Songba Music has been servicing high-quality production music to the production division of Television, Radio and Film; as well as placing thousands of music tracks in advertising videos, corporate films, online videos, etc. since 1994. Songba Music has continuously contributed a lot to the development and awareness of intellectual property rights in China and has then built its own brand and set a good model amongst its peers.

Songba Music not only provides a diverse and comprehensive collection of high-quality music labels, but also has a huge Hollywood produced sound effects series to suit your productions. Whether you are producing TV programs, on-air promos, documentary programs and films or require music for TV commercials, corporate videos, online video and even background music for retailers, F&B outlets, banks, hotels, shopping centres, etc., you can effectively and efficiently find all the music you need.

All the music licensed from Songba Music is fully copyrighted and protected. Songba Music is the legal and authorized entity of these high-quality music labels to grant licenses. Once Songba Music issues the license, your production will be cleared for worldwide clearance.

Being in the industry for twenty-six years, Songba Music has been widely recognized by music users. Clients we have worked with cover the entire country. Because of the good working relationship established over the years with TV, Radio, Film, New Media, Advertising Agencies; the majority of the provincial broadcasters have license agreements with Songba Music. Over the years, we have licensed music for more than 50,000 TV programs; 10,000 TV & Film productions; 50,000 advertising films and 1,000 movie trailers.

Songba Music actively participates in setting the standards for intellectual property rights domestically and is very honored to be the forerunner and leader in promoting awareness of music copyrights and developing Copyright Systems in China.

Songba Music has achieved many successes but also experienced many obstacles along the way. However, it never forgets its original intention and sticks to its position on music copyrights. Songba’s philosophy is to ensure our clients efficiently get the best quality music for their productions and hence become a global leader and powerhouse in music production. By continuing to introduce overseas production music labels to the China market as well as setting the Licensing model, we will eventually lead the production industry into a new era.

Songba Music sincerely thanks all existing and new clients for their support and respect on copyrights. Because of this, it makes our commitment in developing the use of music copyrights more meaningful.


In 1994, Ms. Ludan, the founder of Songba Music, introduced international copyright music and sound effects into China and began to develop the Chinese production music market.

In 1996, the office was established in mainland China.

In 1999, BMG Zomba was set up in Hong Kong.

In 2002, Songba Culture Development Co., Ltd was set up in Beijing.

2007 to now, Songba Music is the exclusive entity to license hundreds of renowned music labels from all over the World.

From 2007 up until 2019, Songba Music was the only authorized entity to license Universal Production Music libraries in mainland China.

From 2009 to now, Songba Music has made great efforts to develop and build a Chinese Production Music library; and has collected musical works from many outstanding contemporary Chinese composers.

In 2018, Songba Music officially become the only authorized entity to license BMG Production Music libraries in mainland China.

In 2020, Songba Music officially becomes the only authorized entity to license Point Classics Production Music libraries in mainland China.

In 2021, Songba Music officially becomes the only authorized entity to license Megatrax Production Music libraries in mainland China.

In 2023, Songba Music officially becomes the only authorized entity to license Figure and Groove Production Music libraries in mainland China.


Songba Music has a collection of nearly 300 world-class production music labels produced from dozens of countries all around the world and the number of copyrighted music tracks available for licensing currently exceeds one million. In addition to being the exclusive authorized entity of “BMG Production Music” in mainland China, Songba Music has continually thrived to representing other production music labels to make its collection more comprehensive.

At present, Songba Music is establishing a “Made In China Music Library” which contains musical works from many outstanding contemporary Chinese composers. With the experience Songba Music gains by working with foreign Copyright Management companies, it surely can protect the intellectual property rights and interests of our Chinese composers and musicians.

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