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Copyrighted Production Music
Gravity Spirals (CARBON)

VH085    Number of tracks:17 Track(s)

Introduction:An experimental cinematic dramatic adventure. Take four chords and three themes, then weave them through every track on an album. Spanning multiple genres including Ambient, Rock, Space-Rock, and Minimal Neoclassicism, this collection ranges between alternately tense, spacious, determined, aggressive, and wondrous moods. Every cue has the same key and tempo to allow for easy editing and sonic continuity. Good for drama, trailers, dystopias, supernatural, sci-fi, mystery and investigations.

Label Name:VH-VideoHelper  

Album tracklist
  • 1.
    Ingress-Main Track-Full Length
    Mysterious, slow-developing cloud of billowing synthetic/organic pads suggests mystery, impending doom or a group of people who just. Can't. Tune. Their. Instruments. Spacious, shimmering, ethereal ambient music interlaced with subtle vocal textures, guitar feedback and eternally-reverbed synths forms a restrained sense of unease, awe, wonder, tension and also patience, as this cue is over four minutes of floaty pads. Atmospheric with hints of various repeating album-wide themes, especially @2:53. Descending ostinato electric guitar figure @3:12 provides rhythmic drive and appears throughout the album in various forms. Uncertain / shifting tonality functions to keep listeners unsettled while leaving plenty of room for visuals and voice. Great for trailer first acts, dramatic show opens/teasers and anything needing a large-scale sense of disquiet. Also good to play super-quietly in the house if you want to freak out your AirBnB guests.
  • 2.
    Attachment Lock-Main Track-Full Length
    The world's longest tense build to disaster since that all-frog resort installed a hot tub and killed hundreds. Tense, hypnotic Ambient Rock creates a sense that someone's going to make a terrible choice, like entering the wrong dimension or ordering the Fugu Scampi at a diner. Washes of other-worldly synths and processed guitars open the cut with a slowly-escalating sense of tension, unease and alienation. Takes a pause @:57 with sustained pads and cosmic, massively-reverbed vocals. @1:35 slowly churning electric guitars create a sense of swirling tension punctuated by percussive heartbeat-like drums. Descending, swirling guitar theme @2:24 yields to a tense pause @2:42 with a sense that everything is drifting helplessly towards a violent conclusion, like allowing employees to smoke at the Duraflame Log factory or allowing people to bring their dogs into the dinosaur bones exhibit. Insistent triplets of Space-Rock drums keep increasing the drama until the final hit @4:00. Works for dramas, personal conflict and complicated decision making.
  • 3.
    Caldera Feed-Main Track-Full Length
    Clouds of buzzy feedback-like washes, pulsing electric guitars and heartbeat-like drums all explode into tense conflict. Slow, deliberate, lush, cinematic Post-Rock alienation with splintered edges that viscerally evokes a decaying city stuffed with anxious, lonely people who, judging by the buzzy textures, use a lot of personal massagers. Unnervingly begins to build in steps @:28 with thrumming guitars and kick drums leading up to the moment @:47 when the cymbals, yearning spectral voices and high synths all come crashing in. The main descending guitar theme enters much more noticeably @1:07 while voices ooze over and under the textures. Fiery, solar-flare-up guitar shrieks @2:20 provide some whiplash distortion that works well as narrative punctuation. Good for future dystopias, determined anti-heroes, isolation, amplified depression or sci-fi torment. Postscript has a suck/rise to cymbal hit that would work well layered with the rest of the cue.
  • 4.
    Centerfall-Main Track-Full Length
    A sweeping, sprawling, darkly dramatic Cinematic Rock journey that varies between beautifully ethereal and aggressively migraine-inducing. Wait - almost seven-and-a-half minutes for a library track? Who approved this? Well, whoever did, having to describe this, I hate them. Section One: A churning ocean of surging, fizzing guitars, electric basses and acoustic drums slowly heave and swell beneath a haunting melodic synth figure. Section Two begins @1:35 with a section of staccato guitar start/stop hits, then explodes into determined, controlled mayhem @2:14. A break in the action @2:53 allows us to catch our collective breath as gentle, chiming, bell-tone guitars float above the swirling textures underneath, suggesting peace, empty calm and post-orgasm sleepiness. Section Three starts @3:11 with determined, threatening, violent drums and thick guitars but also a melodic and yearning vocal-like synth melody. This section keeps climbing, adding layers of voices and distortion until the big climax of the piece @3:50 which features almost euphoric sprawling vocals that keep building and building until a pause @4:28. Double-time Speed Metal drums @4:37 pound furiously. @4:48 a more straight ahead Modern-Rock Section Four starts, beginning one last climb with a clearer sense of determination and resolve. Becomes progressively smaller, especially @6:05 until the last hit @6:42, when the piece dissolves into floaty, mysterious pads. Good for trailers, dramas, one person against the world, pivotal choices and breaking things.
  • 5.
    Everfall-Main Track-Full Length
    Minimal, but busy and flowing Neoclassical piano with subtle cinematic atmospheric textures. Yearning, reflective, sorrowful yet hopeful, this simple piece suggests a look back over a life of complicated decisions, many of which might have gone in a better direction or at least not directly to a Hardees. Gently flowing midtempo arpeggios undergird the same simple melodies present in each of the tracks on this album. Bass @1:00 adds a sense of gravity and subtle, buzzy textures @1:24 add gravitas and danger, giving the track a filmic sensibility. This sublime, understated piece places you in a hypnotic reflective dream-like state. The cut starts again @3:21 with a stronger emphasis on the melody, more dramatic distorted guitar textures and atmospheric ambient synths that slowly build and stop at a cliff's-edge @4:00, with a final note following seconds later. Good for news, documentaries, loss of a loved one and the horrible realization that maybe someone hasn't updated their LinkedIn profile in years because they're dead.
  • 6.
    Broken Mirror-Main Track-Full Length
    Minimal, neutral underscore with a shimmering essence and slight technological/sci-fi textures. Drawn-out aerial string/synth notes slowly climb and fall, like the Roman Empire, jello in salad bars or an obese sloth that juuuust couldn't make it up the tree. Good for podcasts, underscore, or pretty much whenever you need to add a little tension without editorializing.
  • 7.
    Ethereal Darkness-Main Track-Full Length
    When 'rapturous' turns 'raptorous.' Dissonant, spectral voices and sandpaper guitars dulled by infinite reverb create a sense of ambient horror and mystery that drifts into a hazy, crepuscular menace. Several permutations add simmering layers of electric guitar-like dissonance, especially @1:45 when the vocals disappear, leaving a disintegrating mass of creepiness that slowly crawls to the horizon and disappears, like Gollum or RadioShack. No, I'm not going to explain what "crepuscular" means. Look it up yourself.
  • 8.
    Blackblade-Main Track-Full Length
    Rumbling, low vibrating metallic strings suggest evil or imminent danger. Good for large-scale ambient wonder, mystery and awe mixed with a sense of danger, like viewing a black hole from inside a black hole and realizing your flashlight is useless. The biggest starship in the galaxy is dwarfed by an even more massive starship that's somehow inside an inter-dimensional Starbucks. Ultra-low synthetic bass, coronas of scraped metallic/shimmering accents and blurred, slightly grainy washes provide editing moments. Becomes more frayed, unsettling and sinister @1:56 with reverbed electric guitar textures. Use this if your screen is displaying a monolith, unexplained supernatural occurrence, or an all-devouring Starbucks.
  • 9.
    Lives up to its title as the perfect way to open a trailer, crime podcast or to score your own break-in of an evidence locker. Slightly tense, mysterious and atmospheric without giving too much away. Builds to :24, then releases, providing space for titles or VO.
  • 10.
    Attachment Lock-Others-30s
    Conflicted, dramatic Space Rock that's uneasy and dark, but not over-the-top. Insistent guitars and propulsive kick enter @:11, and keep the unease and tension building, like someone who keeps blowing up a balloon way past when they should have stopped. Works for mysteries, crime, and supernatural investigations.
  • 11.
    Caldera Feed-Others-30s
    Layers of pulsing, swirling guitars and wave-like, buzzing synthetic textures create a dark, tense dystopian soundscape. Or maybe someone is giving their lawn the most evil mowing ever. Good as an intro or trailer first act.
  • 12.
    Caldera Feed-Alternative Version-30s
    Epic Drama Rock. A few seconds of expansive guitar textures are shattered @:05 with a huge explosion of cymbals, drums, slithering guitars and wailing voices. Builds to a climax @:24 then lays low, allowing plenty of space for VO or an end card.
  • 13.
    Ten seconds of buildup, twenty of furious activity, then it's over as one participant passes out, totally spent. Yeah, yeah, we know what you're thinking, but getting a cat in the travel crate is always tough on the owner. Epic Drama Rock with bashing drums, nasty guitars and a choir of female vocals that proves there is no "mellow" in melodrama.
  • 14.
    Minimal, neoclassical flowing solo piano suggesting loneliness, isolation or tense monotony. Beethoven-esque, combining both minor and major tonality with gentle supporting triplet arpeggios making this perfect for emotionally complicated scenarios where simple music is required. Good for news, documentaries and explainers.
  • 15.
    Everfall-Alternative Version-Full Length
    Elegant, minimal, neoclassical solo piano that's both timeless and modern, with a deep reservoir of complicated emotions. Descending high piano @1:23 provides simple dramatic escalation without becoming too busy. Starts over @1:46 with single piano notes that slowly develop into recaps of the melody in different octaves. Works for funerals, posthumous tributes or stories about 'Who We've Lost,' although hopefully you're not currently on a Princess Cruise ship. Nostalgic, ruminative, regretful, sad, reflective, pensive and melancholic would all describe this cut, and are also the other Seven Dwarves with whom you'd least like to go out drinking.
  • 16.
    Centerfall-Instrumental-Full Length
    Heroic, confident, dramatic rock. @1:35 series of angry, aggressive guitar and drum hits sets the stage for an epic competition, building to a sense of triumph @ 2:21. Driving segment @3:15 has a churning, propulsive energy leading to a section 3:50 great for finding inspiration in tough places, building towards a goal, or finally figuring out why your WiFi keeps going on and off. After a break@4:29, climbing section starts, leading to a satisfyingly emotional finish. Good for sports, motorized anything, Olympics, confrontations, or working through demons (inner or outer).
  • 17.
    quiet…L O U D. Tense, minimal intro bursts into bashing, driving, rock with bashing drums, noisy guitars and probably some leather bracelets. Good for expressing uncontrolled rage, anger and frustration, like when both your socks come off inside your shoes at the same time. Great for sports, motorcycles, fighting or blasting while playing Road Rash (1991 version).